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Theatre Matters Issue #1 September-December 2003
Cover stories


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Theatre Matters is a newsletter which usually comprises four A4 pages. Here we are trying out a new layout fr the online version. Please let us know your thoughts. We'd welcome any suggestions

Black Box Studio Boost

Anyone can see how much work has been done to improve the environment in which we work and study. Its pretty impressive, as a brief stroll around will reveal. But tucked away next to the Main Hall in the area formerly occupied by the IB as their Common Room is a little gem. To some it will be little more than an empty space with black walls and ceiling. In fact that is what it is. And thats great! Great that is if youre a GCSE Drama student, an IB Theatre Arts student or a St Julians Theatre Ensemble member or thespian wannabe. Its equipped with a new digital lighting system that will allow students to learn the basics of lighting design. It will serve as a small venue for experimental or brief performances and as Drama coursework video studio. Attached to the room is a small teaching area for theory classes and editing videos and newsletters, programmes and so on. The Creative Arts department also has its office there. The final change in the area is the conversion of a small locker area into a costume room. This marks a significant improvement in facilities for theatre and performance and goes some way towards making the whole area a cultural centre for the community.

St Julians' Theatre Ensemble
Technical help - crew wanted

Following changes in the Secondary School, Wayne Mockett is now Head of Theory of Knowledge and Darren Scully takes over the role as teacher in charge of Crew. Crew members receive training in operating lighting and sound and act as technicians during productions, ensemble performances and some events by external groups. As there is a busy schedule of events this year, current crew members and those wishing to become part of the St Julians Theatre Ensemble technical team (years 10-13 in the first instance) should come to a meeting at 1.30 on Wednesday 17 September at 1.30 in the new Black Box Studio.