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Theatre Matters Issue #1 September-December 2003
Production News


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Secondary School Production - It's Animal Farm
More Light by Bryony Lavery in December

Although we are still waiting for performance rights, it is pretty likely that this years secondary production will be the musical version of George Orwell's "Animal Farm". Best known by students in Year 9 and up as the story of the fall of idealism and the rise of tyranny after the animals of Manor Farm revolt against their human masters and take over, students from year 6 through 13 are invited to auditions later in the term. The performance dates have not been confirmed as yet but we are looking at the end of March.
In Peter Hall's stage adaptation, with lyrics by Adrian Mitchell,
the songs are anthem-like and revolutionary, and make the play a stirring spectacle. With masks, costumes and a complex set design as well as a very physical approach to choreography and movement, this play will represent a new challenge to the school and its keen performing arts staff. A production team will be formed some time around half term. All those interested look out for further details as they appear in the bulletin and the Crush Hall.

MORE LIGHT is one of sixteen women who are immured alive with the body of their deceased Emperor, in the heart of his magnificent and perfect tomb. Its design and construction represent the finest achievement of the genius and mastery of the civilisation. Until now these women in their court robes, servants to the Emperor's pleasure, have only known an enclosed life of the finest foods and the softest sheets. Now, in the tomb, they are faced by the need to survive. With exquisite and refined art, they respond to necessity by consuming the Emperor's body. And when that is finished, More Light dares to open the doors into the next chamber to find further supplies: the bound bodies of the architects, astrologers and inventors of the Tomb. They slowly accustom themselves to this new life, and gradually become the Emperors of their own strange world. But on one of her sorties into the further chambers, More Light comes face to face with a Man, a convict labourer, immured like her, who also needs to survive. Her feelings for this man astonish her; but those feelings are ultimately tested by her loyalty to the other women.

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